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System Administrator, IT Support  

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Location : Utah

Nationality: USA




I am a competent IT Support professional with 25 years experience.

I have just finished working at Pickering’s Corporation a large automotive retail group in Australia where I have worked for the last 8 and a half years.

I served an Australian wide dealer network of computers with approximately 700 domain users and 50 servers containing both physical servers and virtualized operating systems.

My job was integrating all IT hardware, networking and software applications for the company consisting of 7 dealerships in different cities connected via a central IP WAN network. This included managing servers, deploying new dealership networks, networking switches and VLANS, managing VoIP phone systems, handling communications and deployment of all office hardware from mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PC’s, Wi-Fi networking, VMware ESXI server installation and backup, Active Directory management and user management, email server and Linux firewall maintenance, deploying and building hardware systems based on Microsoft Windows, Server and Office.

I enjoy solving business IT projects and problems and working as part of an IT Department with others. I have worked in both the IT retail business and corporate IT support roles in the Automotive and Hospitality industries deploying and maintaining computer hardware and software systems.



Employment Availability Available now.


Work Experience

Automotive Group - Pickering’s Corporation

System Admin and IT Support Specialist                        2007 – December 2015 (8 and a half years)

  • Daily IT support and helpdesk duties for primarily Microsoft software and Intel based hardware.
  • Creating software for IT management and business solutions
  • Handling of all company specific software deployment/updates across accounting, parts, finance etc.
  • Purchasing of all Hardware Equipment, Software licensing, from Servers to telephony needs.
  • Project Planning and Deployment of new businesses Hardware, Wifi and VLan networks
  • Setting up buildings with all Computer hardware through to phone and printing solutions
  • Managing CentOS Linux Voip Phone systems
  • Cisco Switch CLI programming with VLAN Layer2/3 configurations
  • Creating C++/Python Software Solutions for IT support to email document storage
  • OpenVPN Linux and firewall maintenance
  • Troubleshooting website software Compatibility issues such as settings, firewalling or plugins
  • Managing purchasing all Domain and DNS settings for all corporate websites
  • Management of SQL servers for Dealer Management Systems used by the company
  • Troubleshooting Server issues and Linux VoIP systems and Network issues
  • VMware ESXI server installations
  • Management of NAS backup systems


Pierre Properties

System Admin for Restaurant Company                         2004 – 2007

Southbank Hotel and Convention Centre                  2002 – 2003

System Admin and Software creation    

Traxfire Computers                                                      1998 – 2001

Small Business Hardware and support

Officemaster                                                                 1997 – 1998

Computer Sales

Current Key Technical Skills

  • Developing C++ / Python applications for business solutions
  • VMware ESXI and VMware software install and maintain
  • Active Directory Group Policy deployment
  • Proficient in Programming C++ Visual Studio / Delphi / C++ Builder
  • Proficient in Programming Python / Visual Basic / VBA / VBS
  • Asterisk / FreePBX / VoIP Telephony installation and maintenance
  • Centos Linux installation and Asterisk installation
  • Backup management
  • Cisco switch programming
  • Corporate Firewall Management
  • Group Software deployment
  • Database/Print/File Server Management
  • Office Suite 2007, 2010 , 2013
  • Server Update Services (WSUS)
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 / MS SQL Server installations
  • Microsoft Windows XP/ 7 / 8 installation
  • IBM servers through to standard PC hardware building and troubleshooting
  • DNS and Domain name management

Academic Qualifications

1987 James Cook University Townsville - Completed CP 100 Computer Science - Programming.

1990 TAFE Computer Programming, Maths and Statistics , Software Applications.

REERENCES – Available